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Sun 01 May 2022
Why I tackled nine SUSE Sales and Technical Sales Exams
Tue 26 April 2022
Customized openSUSE Images, to run on Proxmox VE out of the box, build on OBS
Thu 14 April 2022
Import 'protective MBR' GPT disk images like SUSE or openSUSE to LVM-Thin with disabled zeroing cause corruption
Sun 10 April 2022
Provide outgoing IPv4 connectivity to Docker Container on a IPv6-only Host via clatd (464xlat)
Tue 29 March 2022
vCloud Usage Meter 4.5 Upgrade - Error(908) Command line option is invalid: --skipdigest
Mon 28 March 2022
Journey from RHEL 7 to CentOS 7 and Oracle Linux 8 with elevate
Fri 25 March 2022
Can you imagine how weird it is, to be in the Office again?
Tue 22 March 2022
How changing '<' to '>=' introduced a weird and hard to track bug
Mon 21 March 2022
Free trip around the Moon with Artemis I
Thu 17 March 2022
FreeBSD 13 Base System OpenSSH Server Hardening
Wed 16 March 2022
EMail Notification to Unlock LUKS encrypted disk via Dropbear SSH
Sun 13 March 2022
Now available as Onion Service through the Tor Network
Thu 10 March 2022
openSUSE Leap 15.3 on VMware vSphere 6.7: Get Guest Customization working
Wed 09 March 2022
Setup Uyuni Development Environment with focus on Java and IntelliJ
Tue 08 March 2022
Uyuni Test Environment with sumaform on local libvirt host (openSUSE Tumbleweed)
Mon 07 March 2022
Mail relayed but never delivered?! Gitea > Postfix > IIS > Mimecast
Thu 03 March 2022
Proxmox and NAT64 - jool seems incompatible with PVE Firewall, Tayga to rescue
Wed 02 March 2022
sshd error - Bind to port failed: Cannot assign requested address
Sat 15 January 2022
Hurricane Electric IPv6 Certification - Sage level reached