An Era comes to an end, Good Bye NTT

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Today was my last workday before I leave NTT officially end of September.

I started in August 2016 in a Senior Engineer Role within an ITO Business Unit, at that time as contractor and moved to a permanent position in March 2019.

Those six years were full of challenges, continuous changes, many up's and down's, but also a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. I had the pleasure to work with people around the globe, something I really enjoyed. Around 2 1/2 years ago I became Head of Infrastructure Operations, in addition to my Role as Principal Engineer and Lead Architect.

A lot felt like "my baby", I knew every process and configuration in the Environment, was building, optimizing and operating so much things throughout the years, that it was really hard to leave.

But I decided that it's time to get out of my comfort zone, give my Career a new spin, focus more on technical aspects again, as individual contributor and not following a management path right now.

For me it's the end of an Era, a time I'm thankful for and that changed me.

I will start my new Position in October, details in a later Post ;)

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