SUSE Certified Deployment Specialist in SUSE Rancher and Kubernetes Distributions

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Never stop learning! Today I passed the Exam SUSE Certified Deployment Specialist in SUSE Rancher and Kubernetes Distributions, it's my second SUSE Rancher and Kubernetes related Certification, preparing for the Exam helped me to get an in-depth understanding of deploying and configuring various Rancher Kubernetes Distributions (RKE, RKE2, K3s), great extension to the SCA SUSE Rancher 2.6 I received a few days ago.

Summary: Knowledge how to deploy Kubernetes clusters with RKE, RKE2 and K3S, both from the command line and from SUSE Rancher as well as how to deploy Rancher on Kubernetes, also how to backup and restore RKE and RKE2 clusters from the command line and back up RKE with SUSE Rancher.

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  • Deploy RKE
    • Plan a New Cluster
    • Get Started with Deployment
    • Configure RKE
    • Deploy Kubernetes with RKE
    • Work with config.yaml
    • Add Nodes
    • Troubleshoot
  • Deploy RKE2 and K3s
    • Requirements
    • Nodes
    • Understand RKE2 Architecture
    • Configure RKE2
    • Deploy theInitial RKE2 Cluster
    • Add Nodes
    • Troubleshoot
    • RKE2 and K3s
  • Deploy SUSE Rancher
    • Deploy SUSE Rancher with HELM
    • Deploy with Terraform
    • Other Deployment Options
  • Deploy RKE with SUSE Rancher
    • Deploy RKE on Existing Servers
    • Deploy RKE on New Nodes on an Infrastructure Provider
    • Deploy RKE with a Hosted Kubernetes Provider
  • Backup and Restore RKE and RKE2 Clusters
    • etcd and Failure Recovery
    • Back up and Restore RKE Cluster
    • Backup and Restore RKE2 Cluster

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