vCloud Usage Meter 4.5 Upgrade - Error(908) Command line option is invalid: --skipdigest

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Again a interesting bug, this time during the In-Place Upgrade of a VMWare vCloud Usage Meter from Version 4.4 to 4.5, which shouldn't be a big deal based on the official Upgrade Guide (Archive: [1], [2]).

Running bash /root/upgrade/ ended in:

Error(908) : Command line error: option is invalid.
No such option: --skipdigest. Please use /usr/bin/tdnf --help
Upgrade fail during JRE update. Please, revert to latest snapshot and prior update execute 'tdnf clean cache'.`

I followed all steps exactly as described in the Guide so how is it possible that the Upgrade Script triggers tdnf with unavailable options? Couldn't find anything related / similar in the VMWare KB, GitHub and a good old Google / DuckDuckGo Search.

Based on our internal documentation, we installed the Usage Meter a while back in Version 4.1 and upgraded to 4.4 a year ago, probably there was also a 4.2 and / or 4.3 upgrade before.

The result of tdnf --version was a quite outdated version tdnf: 1.2.3 which seem to be released around mid of 2017, but option --skipdigest was part of a commit (Archive: [1], [2]) on April 12 2019.

vCloud Usage Meter is running on VMware Photon OS, just another Linux Distribution with yum as package manager and attached online repositories. So let's just try to update tdnf manually via yum update tdnf:

rpm-libs          x86_64      4.14.3-1.ph3      photon-updates      937.03k 959523
rpm               x86_64      4.14.3-1.ph3      photon-updates      356.38k 364930
hawkey            x86_64      2017.1-8.ph3      photon-updates      150.05k 153656
tdnf-cli-libs     x86_64      3.1.8-1.ph3       photon-updates       70.18k 71864
tdnf              x86_64      3.1.8-1.ph3       photon-updates      309.71k 317139

Total installed size:   1.78M 1867112

Is this ok [y/N]: y

Looks good, installation of version tdnf: 3.1.8 was successful, a quick test, which ended earlier in the same Error(908) as above, worked this time, so obviously this version is new enough to know the option --skipdigest:

tdnf update --skipdigest vmware-jre

Afterwards I could just follow the Guide from VMWare to perform the In-Place Upgrade to Version 4.5 without any further issues. I assume something went wrong during earlier Upgrades and tdnf was never updated after the initial Installation. Earlier Upgrade Scripts probably didn't used the --skipdigest option, so it was undetected until now.

All this would explain why no one else seem to hit that bug, was probably a rare edge case limited to our Environment.

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