SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA) and Engineer (SCE) in Enterprise Linux 15

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It's quite a while since I passed the SCA and SCE Exam in SLES12, It was time to get them updated to SLES15, so today was the day to finally take the SLES 12 to 15 Certification Update Exam (Archive: [1], [2]), which I passed with a great Score of 96% :).

As reward, I received the SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA) in Enterprise Linux 15 and SUSE Certified Engineer (SCE) in Enterprise Linux 15 Certifications.

For preparing the Exam I used the Course SLE200 Transitioning to SLE 15 - (Internal/Partner) available to SUSE Partner, but the content is similar to the Training Course Transitioning to SUSE Linux Enterprise 15.

Summary: New features, functionality and procedures for administering SUSE Linux Enterprise 15. Understanding how SLE 15 differs from previous versions of SUSE Linux Enterprise, and how those changes will affect the way it is deployed and used.

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  • Evolution of Operating Systems
  • Multimodal
  • Unified Installer
  • Modular+
  • Package Handling
  • chrony
  • firewalld
  • Unified Installer
  • Extensions and Modules
  • AutoYaST
  • chrony
  • Firewalld
  • Linux Kernel 4.12 / 5.3
  • openSSL 1.1
  • Wayland
  • YaST Partitioner
  • SDK
  • Scripting Language Versions
  • Repository Management Tool (RMT)
  • Available Upgrade Paths
  • SLE 15 Product Life Cycle
  • Preparing for an Upgrade

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