AWS Cloud Quest, a playful way to learn AWS

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I don't have much time anymore to play games, probably a reason why I love gamification, that's something that raise the chances that I continuously invest time in something.

I'm looking for different ways to improve my AWS skills and found AWS Cloud Quest, an open world role-playing game that teaches you how to build real-world AWS solutions using cloud concepts and exercises.

The Cloud Practitioner Role can be played for free, I did that already a few months ago as part of my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam prep, I loved the experience and think it really helped me to pass the Exam and strengthen my AWS knowledge. So I used AWS Cloud Quest again, this time I played the Solutions Architect, as one of the resources to prepare for my upcoming AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam.

I like the way how the game is designed and guides you through a lot of different assignments and challenges you have to solve. Just take a look and give it a try if you like some gamification and fun way of learning :) You can also earn nice Credly Badges!

I've got AWS Cloud Quest: Cloud Practitioner (Archive: [1], [2]) and AWS Cloud Quest: Solutions Architect (Archive: [1], [2]) so far.

But at least the Roles Serverless Developer and Security are still on my bucket list!

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