My first month as Sr. Partner Solutions Architect at AWS

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Wow what a ride! Begin of October I started at AWS and have to admit, this was a huge step and massive change. I joined the Linux & IBM Alliance Team as Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, right now with a focus on everything around SUSE. My job is - very simplified - to support AWS Customer and Partner to migrate (SUSE) workloads to AWS and to optimize them based on best practices.

During the first three months I'm going through a impressive on-boarding program with a lot of trainings and tasks throughout all areas relevant to my Role at AWS. I never saw something like that before, it's a huge investment from AWS into new Employees and helps me to get settled, understand the culture, how things working at AWS, improve a lot of different Skills and prepare for my new Job.

Besides a lot of other Trainings, I had to chance to dig deeper and earn the AWS Partner: Accreditation (Technical) (Archive: [1], [2]), AWS Partner: Cloud Economics Accreditation (Archive: [1], [2]) and AWS Partner: Sales Accreditation (Business) (Archive: [1], [2]) Badge.

It's amazing but also sometimes overwhelming, so many new People, Tools, Processes and ways of working.

I guess it takes some time to realize that I passed one of the most demanding and comprehensive hiring processes and have the once in a lifetime opportunity to work with the smartest people around the world.

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