jDeepL - Unofficial DeepL App for Linux based on JavaFX

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I'm a daily DeepL User, the Windows App is convenient but nothing comparable was available for Linux, so I build my own.

jDeepL is a very simple GUI Application based on JavaFX, developed and tested on openSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE Plasma.

You can find the GPL v3 licensed Source Code here: https://dominik.wombacher.cc/~git/jDeepL/

It's in an early stage but covers the most important functionality: Translating the marked text by pressing CTRL + C + C.

At least that's for me the most important one from the official Windows App ;)

I will probably improve it further within the next time, feel free to Contribute.

Further details can be found in the README: https://dominik.wombacher.cc/~git/jDeepL/about/

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