Can you imagine how weird it is, to be in the Office again?

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Maybe you can, maybe not, it probably depends on how your experiences were working from home during Corona.

The Team I'm responsible for is split across 4 Locations in 2 Countries, if I count in delivery units we work closely with it's way more and around the globe.

So it wasn't a big deal to start work from home almost two years ago and never stopped since.

Actually the huge benefit was: I didn't had to travel anymore.

Don't get me wrong, was ok for me to do that, but begin 2020 I was at a point where I was only at home on weekends and almost the whole week on the road.

That was just too much and didn't had any benefit, most of the time it was just about being their, there was no reason, no customer meetings or other appointments, that made a personal presence relevant.

In the meantime I got my Home Office contract, but today I visited the Office next to me, still ~1 hour drive. It was really weird to sit 2 hours in the car for "nothing", there where just a few other people in the whole building, so I was more or less alone.

So except the Coffee Machine not really a difference to working from home ;)

I spend a few hours there, took care about some things and left, can't imagine to do that again on a daily basis. There is just no reason, my Team is performing well full remote, things that go south are the same as before Corona.

I admit, sometimes it's challenging to keep in touch with people, but you get used to and change the way how you work.

Overall I would always prefer a international virtual team which works almost fully remote over a national "5 people sit every day in the same office and stare at each other" team.

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