First time Speaker @ SUSECON Digital 2022 about SUSE Manager as a Service

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In the Session SUSE Manager as a Service: Infrastructure & Patch Management made easy [POV-1236] (Archive: [1]) on Thursday, Jun 9, from 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM CEST, I will talk about my vision to provide Managed Services based on SUSE Manager. It will be my first time as Speaker, but hopefully not the last time ;)

It's still time to register for free, there are a lot of other interesting sessions to watch during the SUSECON Digital 2022..

My Employer NTT Germany is going to launch a managed service offering, details about the various options will also be part of that Session.

The Interest and Support from SUSE and NTT Germany is amazing, I'm thrilled about this opportunity and looking forward to build and operate the solution together with my Team.

I already wrote a few times about SUSE Manager and the Upstream Open Source Project Uyuni, my contributions, development and troubleshooting.

It's not a secret that I really enjoy hacking Uyuni in my free time, the fact that this is something I can also do as part of my Job now is just great :)

You may wonder why all Contributions are related to Uyuni? Due to the strict Upstream first (Archive: [1], [2]) Policy from SUSE, which is a really good thing, fixes and new features always go from Uyuni to SUSE Manager.

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