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IPv6 connectivity is quite important for me, fortunately IPv6 is a first class citizen for my ISP (Deutsche Glasfaser) and was also available with my previous one (1&1). So I didn't have to use a Tunnel Broker at home yet to get IPv6 up and running but if I had to, I would go with Hurricane Eletric and their (free) Tunnelbroker Service.

HE also offer a IPv6 Certification, to test your theoretical as well as practical knowledge and verify that you are actually using IPv6 at home, your website, mail server and DNS.

There are seven Certification Level:


They provide a lot of additional learning material and have a still quite active community as well.

Sages also get a Free IPv6 T-Shirt upon request, last batch run was Fri Dec 10 2021, so let's see when mine will arrive :)

Hint: Getting Sage Rank is a mandatory requirement to request HE to remove SMTP and IRC Port Filtering when using their IPv6 Tunnel, to avoid abuse those are blocked by default, see FAQ.

It Was fun to work through the different level, test my knowledge and validate my IPv6 Setup. Due to the fact that all my Server already using IPv6, whenever possible IPv6-only, a few in Dual-Stack Mode, I was able to reach the Sage Level quite fast, no re-configuration of my Services was required to pass all checks.

Exception was enabling TLS v1.2 on my website, limit to v1.3 only was to strict for to reach my Server and validate my Domain. Also disabling greylisting for sender was helpful to speed things up during verification of my mail setup.

IPv6 Certification Badge for wombelix


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