SUSE Certified Administrator in SUSE Rancher 2.6

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I learned so much SLES and SUMA related already, it was time to focus on Container, Kubernetes and Rancher.

First Milestone achieved today by becoming a SUSE Certified Administrator in SUSE Rancher 2.6.

Summary: Fundamental knowledge of the architecture and components of SUSE Rancher as well as processes for registering, provisioning, configuring, and backup/restore of Kubernetes clusters using SUSE Rancher. Understanding of application and workflow management on downstream clusters and of Kubernetes muti-cluster management with SUSE Rancher.

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  • Understand SUSE Rancher Architecture
  • Access SUSE Rancher GUI
  • Login to SUSE Rancher User Interface
  • Modify SUSE Rancher Cluster Name
  • Navigate SUSE Rancher GUI
  • View Cluster and Node Agents
  • Import an Existing Kubernetes Cluster
  • Provision an RKE Cluster on Existing Nodes
  • Manage Users and Groups
  • Understand Roles
  • Configure RKE Templates
  • Manage Cluster and Node Drivers
  • Configure Cloud Credentials
  • Understand Infrastructure Provided Kubernetes Clusters
  • Understand Hosted Kubernetes Clusters
  • Understand Projects and Namespaces
  • Deploy Workloads
  • Understand Apps & Marketplace
  • Install Applications with Helm
  • Configure Quotas
  • Understand Continuous Delivery
  • Manage Cluster Groups
  • Configure Continuous Delivery
  • Deploy Monitoring Stack
  • Understand SUSE Rancher Logging
  • Configure an External Logging Service for Grafana
  • Manage CIS Scans
  • Understand OPA Gatekeeper
  • Access Cluster Nodes with ssh
  • Access a Downstream Cluster with kubectl
  • Understand the SUSE Rancher API
  • Understand SUSE Rancher CLI
  • Understand SUSE Rancher Backup Requirements
  • Create Downstream Cluster Snapshots
  • Upgrade Downstream Clusters
  • Restore Downstream Clusters
  • Backup and Restore SUSE Rancher Server

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