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I'm happy to announce that this site is also published as Onion Service from now on, which means a focus on privacy, security, freedom and support for the Tor Project as well as a statement against censorship.

The new Tor URL: http://2xwpdwnzmag3ewobwsdewpor4gmca4d5gltviol3u6upihb6m6m6xaad.onion

Also it was fun to setup ;) To ensure the right URLs are used, I decided to publish two versions, which was quite a simple task by adjusting a few lines in my Pelican configs.

The Tor Service is running on the same FreeBSD Jail as my (static) site and nginx, let me share some technical details.

Installing Tor is straight forward, just run pkg install tor and sysrc tor_enable="YES".

Two lines in /usr/local/etc/tor/torrc are enough to enable a new Onion Hidden Service:

HiddenServiceDir /var/db/tor/keys/<website>/
HiddenServicePort 80 unix:/var/run/tor-<website>.sock

For nginx I adjusted the existing https config to publish the Onion-Location (Archive: [1], [2]) header, which will advertise the .onion URL of this Site to visitors that are using the Tor Browser.

The Onion URL can be found in /var/db/tor/keys/<website>/hostname.

server {
        listen 443 ssl http2;
        # Tor unrelated config omitted
        add_header Onion-Location http://<onion_url>$request_uri;

As recommend in the Tor Setup Guide (Archive: [1], [2]) I added an additional server section and use a unix socket to listen for Tor requests.

server {
        listen unix:/var/run/<website>.sock;
        # Tor unrelated config omitted
        server_name <onion_url>;
        root <path_to_web_document_root>;

From a Pelican perspective, I created a second publishconf to set the SITEURL to my <onion_url> and adjusted the Makefile a little to upload the regular and the tor version at once.

Following the additions on top of the standard Makefile when installing Pelican.


# Tor unrelated config omitted

rsync_upload_tor: publish_tor
        rsync -e "ssh -p $(SSH_PORT)" -P -rvzc --include tags --cvs-exclude --delete "$(OUTPUTDIR)"/ "$(SSH_USER)@$(SSH_HOST):$(SSH_TARGET_DIR_TOR)"

rsync_upload_all: rsync_upload rsync_upload_tor

Last step was to start the tor service service tor start, apply the new nginx config service nginx reload and to publish the site make rsync_upload_all.

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