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Just some quick Notes, too less for a Post but too much to not write it down somewhere.

2023-01-06: Pair Remote Control again to Xiaomi Computer Monitor Light Bar

Recently one of my light bar's stopped recognizing the remote control, there isn't much online about factory reset or re-pair the remote control. After searching around for a while, unplug the light bar, plugin it back in and then push and hold the knob on the remote control for a few seconds worked. Nothing happend on the light bar, doesn't blinked or something, but the remote control started working again that way.

2021-04-18: Disable automatic BTRFS Snapshots (openSUSE Leap / SLES 12 & 15)

By default openSUSE and SLES using BTRFS as root filesystem with automatic snapshots, triggered for example by running zypper. It can be useful to (temporary) deactivate that feature. Change "/etc/sysconfig/yast2" and disable snapper: USE_SNAPPER=NO also remove the zypp plugin: zypper remove --no-confirm snapper-zypp-plugin. To re-activate it, just set the config setting to "YES" and install the zypp plugin again.

2021-03-21: Use freenode Nickname with Client and IRC Bridge

It's quite convenient to use IRC via Bridge but lot of freenode Channel require a registered nick to join. I have a registered nick, just had to figure out how to use it through the IRC Bridge. I found what i needed in this gist (Archive: [1], [2]) as well this issue comment (Archive: [1], [2]).

Summary: Start direct Chat with, Store your credentials !storepass <nick>:<password>, Authenticate !nick <nick>

2021-03-13: Rotate a PDF Counterclockwise via Linux commandline

Sometimes even easy things can be challenging, but nothing a Search Engine can't help to find: pdftk in.pdf cat 1-endwest output out.pdf - Source (Archive: [1], [2])

2021-03-04: Nice improvement how Translations show up in Pelican

I found a very nice example, how to enhance the output of links to translated pages in Pelican, in the Blog from Bernhard Scheirle (Archive: [1], [2]).

By default, Pelican just shows the two letter Country Code. Was not thinking about how easy it is to add a custom Jinja Filter, impressive, of course I had to change my theme right away :)

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