Why I tackled nine SUSE Sales and Technical Sales Exams

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In April I got certified as SUSE Sales Specialist and SUSE Technical Sales Specialist in the categories SLES, SLES for SAP, SUSE Manager and Rancher.

Overall nine eLearning Courses, each followed by a Online Exam (Open Book), not that hard but took quite some time to work through all of them.

It helped me to further improve my knowledge about SUSE products and was fun, I would recommend it to every SUSE Partner to use such training offers, it's worth it.

Besides that, to get a higher Partner Level it's mandatory to hold a amount of Sales, Tech-Sales and Technical Certifications, also to keep them current.

One of the driver was also to support my employer to reach the SUSE Platinum Partner Status, glad I could help ;)


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