SUSE Certified Deployment Specialist in Rancher Manager 2.7 for Rancher Prime

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Third day at SUSECON 23 in Munich, third Exam passed: SCDS in Rancher Manager 2.7 for Rancher Prime. After passing SCA in NeuVector 5 and SCDS in Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2 already during SUSECON, I can remove the last SUSE certification from my list.

In addition to my talk about Rancher integrations with AWS services and my presence at the AWS booth, I would say the three days at SUSECON were very productive and successful for me this year :)

Summary: Thorough understanding in deploying, backing up, restoring, and upgrading Rancher Manager in a professional setting.

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  • Node Requirements for Rancher Manager Deployment
  • Deployment Strategies Understand Rancher Manager Deployment Options
  • Rancher Manager Certificate Options
  • Rancher Manager Deployment Best Practices
  • Deployment of cert-manager
  • Deployment of Rancher Manager with Self-Signed Certificates
  • Deployment of Rancher Manager with Let's Encrypt
  • Deployment of Rancher Manager with Signed Certificates
  • Rancher Manager in an Air-Gapped Environment
  • Mirror Image Repositories
  • Preparation of Helm Charts
  • Rancher Manager Backup, Restore, and the Migration Processes
  • Rancher Backup Operator
  • Backing Up Rancher Manager
  • Restoring Rancher Manager
  • Migrating Rancher Manager to a New Cluster
  • Rancher Manager Upgrade Best Practices
  • Upgrading a Rancher Cluster

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