SUSE Certified Deployment Specialist in Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2

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Second day at SUSECON 23 in Munich, second Exam passed: SCDS in Rancher Kubernetes Engine 2. After passing SCA in NeuVector 5 yesterday, I can remove another one from my list. Let's see if I can also clear SCDS in Rancher Manager 2.7 for Rancher Prime tomorrow.

Summary: Thorough understanding in deploying, backing up, restoring, and upgrading Kubernetes clusters with RKE2 in a professional setting.

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  • Requirements for RKE2 Deployment
  • RKE2 Architecture and Design Concepts
  • Installation of RKE2 Clusters
  • RKE2 Installation Methods
  • RKE2 Manual Installation
  • RKE2 Installation with the Installer Script
  • RKE2 Configuration Options
  • Multi-node and Highly Available RKE2 Clusters
  • Installation of RKE2 Clusters with Auto Deployed Services
  • Kubernetes Addons
  • Helm Integration in RKE2
  • Configuring Deployment of Addons During the RKE2 Cluster Install
  • Installation of RKE2 Clusters with Advanced Networking
  • Cluster Networking Options in RKE2
  • Configuring Cluster Networking in RKE2
  • Configuring RKE2 to Provide Multiple Network Interfaces to Pods
  • Installation of CIS Hardened RKE2 Clusters
  • Installation of Air-gapped RKE2
  • Basic etcd Concepts
  • RKE2 Backup and Recovery Concepts
  • Back Up an RKE2 Cluster
  • Restore an RKE2 Cluster
  • Upgrading RKE2 Clusters
  • Upgrading RKE2 Clusters in an Air-gapped Environment

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