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Or: CentOS is Dead, long live CentOS (Stream). The surprisingly unsurprising move from RedHat to get rid of CentOS as Enterprise Linux Clone and indirect competitor.

I have to admit that already some time passed since the announcement to stop publishing CentOS 8, as rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, end of 2021, but it still feels shitty.

Open Source, from a commercial perspective, can be curse and blessing at the same time. Companies have to earn money, Developer need to get paid, so without other Companies that paying for Enterprise Support it wouldn't be possible for Red Hat to work on Open Source Software.

As Red Hat took over CentOS a few years ago I wasn't sure how long it will actually last, because Red Hat invested even more in a free RHEL Clone as before. So stop publishing CentOS 8, based on RHEL 8, and moving the CentOS Project to the RHEL Upstream is understandable.

As far I understand it, Fedore is some sort of tech playground / incubator to try things, CentOS Stream will use Elements from Fedora but with a stronger Focus to have a Enterprise Ready Product as result.

Actually, just the fact that Red Hat broke the promise to release Updates for CentOS 8 for 10 years (until 2029), parallel to RHEL 8, is the sad thing about that story.

That they change the scope of the CentOS Project make sense and seem to be a logical step.

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