Category: Linux

  1. CentOS has left the Building

    Or: CentOS is Dead, long live CentOS (Stream). The surprisingly unsurprising move from RedHat to get rid of CentOS as Enterprise Linux Clone and indirect competitor. I have to admit ... [read more]
  2. No Sound in DOSBox on Linux

    I installed DOSBox to play some old DOS Games like Discworld on Linux (openSUSE Tumbleweed) but didn't had sound prior figure out the correct MIDI Port and adjusting the dosbox ... [read more]
  3. Merge PDF Files on Linux

    I had to use Cups-PDF and "Print" bunch of Pages to Single PDF Files due to the fact that no Download as PDF was possible. But how to Merge tons ... [read more]
  4. Apple AirPods on Linux?

    I was wondering if my Apple AirPods would work on openSUSE Linux out of the Box. Just enable pairing mode, click on connect and all fine? Not exactly, it failed ... [read more]

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