AWX CleanUp Job but Postgres Database still grows

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I encountered a interesting situation at work today, the disk were the persistent data of our Ansible AWX instance are located was running out of space. The Postgres Database, or to be very specific the Table main_jobevent was around 16GB in size and still growing.

Some time ago the CleanUp Jobs were activated / scheduled, so it looks like that data prior that time was skipped and not removed. Also I had to learn that even in case some data will be deleted, Postgres will not automatically free-up previously allocated storage.

Job Event removal

First I removed old job events, which were skipped by the AWX Cleanup Schedule, via awx-manage within the Docker Container awx_task:

docker exec -it awx_task /bin/bash
awx-manage shell_plus

The range value need to be adjusted based on your needs, in my Case I wanted to remove the job event 1 till 2949:

from awx.main.models import Job
for record_id in range(1, 2949):
    db_object = Job.objects.get(id=record_id)

Source: (Archive: [1], [2])

Postgres Cleanup

So even though it was a little "forcible" approach, it worked quite well in my case, but that shouldn't be the Standard Solution on a day-to-day basis. Actually I expect that something similar will not be necessary in future due to enabling of auto-vacuum and adjusted AWX Cleanup Schedules.

docker exec -it awx_postgres /bin/bash
psql -U awx

\c awx

As you can see, VACUUM FULL (handle with care!) was able to free up approx. 11GB space:

SELECT pg_size_pretty( pg_total_relation_size('public.main_jobevent') );

# pg_size_pretty
# 16 GB
# (1 row)

VACUUM FULL public.main_jobevent;
SELECT pg_size_pretty( pg_total_relation_size('public.main_jobevent') );

# pg_size_pretty
# 4915 MB
# (1 row)

auto-vacuum enabling

It seems like that in the config delivered with the AWX Docker Container, the auto-vacuum feature is disabled in Postgres. Can be quickly enabled with two minor adjustments in postgresql.conf:

track_counts = on
autovacuum = on

For the change to take effect, the Postgres Database need to be restarted. You can for sure also just stop and start the AWX Stack via docker-compose, whatever you prefer.

AWX Job Schedules

Last but not least, I adjusted to AWX CleanUp Jobs to run Daily with a Retention of 14 days, that's sufficient in our Environment and should help to avoid similar issues.

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