SUSE Certified Deployment Specialist in SUSE NeuVector 5

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Here comes another one, SCDS in SUSE NeuVector 5 cleared today. It's my third SUSE Enterprise Container Management related Certification, the first one in the Security field. As always, preparing for an Exam is my motivation to dive deep and to learn more about a specific topic, I could learn without an attached Exam, but I have to admit, it would be harder for me to stay on course and reach my goal.

In my current Job I work closely with SUSE to further improve the customer experience of Rancher and NeuVector on AWS, investing time to improve my skills and learn as much as possible about the solutions is a logical step and I enjoy it.

Summary: Knowledge and understanding of the various deployment methods of SUSE NeuVector, including the use of YAML files, Helm Charts, and Config Map settings, both during and after deployment.

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  • SUSE NeuVector Architecture and Components
  • SUSE NeuVector System Requirements
  • SUSE NeuVector Deployment Methods
  • Running SUSE NeuVector with Docker Native
  • Deploying SUSE NeuVector on One Node Kubernetes Cluster
  • Deploying SUSE NeuVector in Production Environment
  • Using a YAML File to Deploy Highly Available SUSE NeuVector
  • Using a Helm Chart to Deploy SUSE NeuVector
  • Configuring Highly Available SUSE NeuVector Deployment
  • Deploying SUSE NeuVector in Cloud Environment
  • Deploying SUSE NeuVector Using Kubernetes Config Map and Secret Objects
  • Deploying SUSE NeuVector Using Operators
  • Understanding SUSE NeuVector Deployment with SUSE Rancher
  • Using SUSE Rancher Fleet to Automate SUSE NeuVector Deployment
  • Enabling SUSE NeuVector Multi-Cluster Management

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