SUSE Certified Deployment Specialist in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

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Back at 100% after passing SCDS in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 today. Right now, I'm holding all available SUSE Certifications, a milestone I reached the first time in November 2022. I'm proud about it and plan to keep up with whatever Certification SUSE is going to release next :)

This one was also very special for me because SUSE invited me as BETA tester for the Exam and I had the opportunity to provide feedback, which was used to further improve the questions and answers before the official release at SUSECON 23 in Munich.

Summary: Knowledge and understanding of various deployment methods and techniques, including manual deployment, automated installation using AutoYaST, image-based deployment using KIWI and deployment on public cloud platforms.

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  • Supported Platforms
  • SUSE Customer Center
  • Product Lifecycle
  • How to Access the Product Packages
  • Technology Previews
  • Products, Modules and Extensions
  • Deployment Infrastructure
  • Deployment Services
  • Manual Deployment of SLES
    • Preparation for a Manual Installation
    • Accessing a System during the Deployment
    • Remote Installation Process
  • Automated Deployment of SLES using AutoYaST
    • AutoYaST Components
  • Image Based Deployment of SLES Using KIWI
    • KIWI Basic Workflow
    • KIWI Build Host
    • KIWI Image Description File
    • Building KIWI Images
    • KIWI Image Maintenance
  • Deployment of SLES to the Public Cloud
    • Preparation for Deployment
    • Bring Your Own Subscription or Pay As You Go?
    • Cloud Images
    • Deployment of SLES to the Public Cloud
    • Manual Instance Deployment in the Cloud
    • Automated Deployment Tools
    • Post Deployment Configuration

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