Sky Ticket TV Stick (Roku) failed to connect without Pi-hole whitelisting

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I'm using Sky Ticket (Germany) from time to time and got one of their TV Sticks, powered by Roku, for free. Had to learn that Roku connects to a few Domains which are on blacklists used by Pi-hole and uBlock Origin.

Was surprised that I can use Sky Ticket directly from a (Windows...) Notebook, without adjusting anything on my Pi-hole settings, but it fails when using the Roku Stick.

Without adding and to the Pi-hole whitelist, it's impossible to connect to Sky Ticket, Roku complains always that "something went wrong".

Both seem to receive a lot of usage data and track everything what's done on the UI. I think that's just weird and unnecessary, looks like something all Roku devices do.

Not really what I expect, paying for a Service and running in such issues, but if they happy to track how I navigate in the UI and decide what to watch, so it be...

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