Release: MoinMoin Wiki Container, powered by PyPy2

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Today I published the first version of moinmoin-pypy2-container, a ready to use image to run MoinMoin Wiki, based on openSUSE Leap.

It contains some enhancements regarding the intial wiki setup to make it easier to get started and already ships with a pre-configured nginx.

Latest stable release of MoinMoin was 8th November 2020 and requires Python 2, development of the successor moin2 is ongoing but wasn't released yet.

moin2 supports Python 3, but there is still a lot to do and the Project could use some help, what about a good first issue?

It might be that User still want to keep using the latest stable release and wait with the migration for a while.

Besides minor enhancements, the main goal of moinmoin-pypy2-container is to provide a easy to use alternative to keep using MoinMoin.

The official Python 2 Runtime is End-of-Life. But PyPy will support Python 2 "forever" and still provide updates in future.

Please check the README in the below linked Source code Repository for further details about the features and usage.

The repository is available on Codeberg (Primary), Gitlab (Mirror), Github (Mirror).

Pre-build Container Images can be downloaded from

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