Proudly present: My first accepted Pull Request for Pelican

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As already mentioned in my Post Migration from Wordpress to Pelican the fact that Pelican is written in Python and provide a Plugin system was important for me. So I can adjust the Code and also give something back to the Pelican Community

The Project is moving away from their monolithic Plugin Repository to a separate Organization Namespace were every Plugin has it's own Repository and get published to PyPI.

Due to the fact that i wanted to use the PDF Generator but it wasn't yet migrated, i decided to contribute (Archive: [1], [2]) and assist with updating and migrating this Plugin.

Today I proudly present: My first accepted Pull Request for Pelican (PDF Plugin) (Archive: [1], [2])

There is still room for improvement and i'm working on further fixes and features, but it's a starting Point.

You find at the bottom of every Article and Page a PDF Download Link, the linked PDF file was generated by the mentioned Plugin.

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