My sessions from SUSECON Digital 23 are online

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I had the great opportunity to speak at SUSECON 23, live in Munich and at the digital conference, about Rancher integration with AWS services and SUSE ALP prototype on AWS, experimental, but fun!. The recordings from SUSECON Digital are online, if you missed them, you can still watch them, you only need to register (for free) to access the portal and to start the replay.

[TUT-1179] SUSE ALP prototype on AWS: Experimental, but fun!

What is Adaptable Linux Platform (ALP), the next generation Linux operating system? Want to learn how to run the latest prototype on AWS? What is required to build a EC2-compatible image via the Open Build Service (OBS)? What does the workflow look like to go from OBS to an available and deployable AMI? What is the state of integration with AWS compared to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server? Let me take you on my journey and share my experiences, thoughts and results with you.

[PROD-1178] Rancher integration with AWS services: possibilities, challenges & outlook

Rancher can deploy and manage your Kubernetes clusters on AWS EKS and EC2, but what about things like authentication, logging, monitoring or backup? I will give an overview of AWS services for these four pillars and talk about what's already possible, which challenges some integrations might have and an outlook on what is planned. Learn more about how the integrations are working under the hood and which technologies are involved.

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