Merge PDF Files on Linux

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I had to use Cups-PDF and "Print" bunch of Pages to Single PDF Files due to the fact that no Download as PDF was possible. But how to Merge tons of files named as Pagetitle-job_id<Number> on Linux via command line in a fast and easy way?

After some testing, pdfunite - included in Poppler and already installed on openSUSE Tumbleweed - did the job, but the result with pdftk - included in Ghostscript - was nearly identical and worked the same way.

pdfunite $(ls -cr *.pdf) output.pdf

With $(), ls will executed and the results are added to the pdfunite command.

All PDF Files in the same Folder will be merged to a single output.pdf File.

The Parameter -cr sorts by creation time in reverse order.

That was necessary for me because the Job IDs were from 36 till 223, all other parameter mixed up the order and the merged PDF wasn't as expected.

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