Git repos moved to Sourcehut, with mirrors on Codeberg, GitLab and GitHub

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When I moved from a VPC to classic webhosting I had to shutdown my self-hosted git repos as well. I had Sourcehut on my list for years and decided it's finally time to test it. If you are used to (bloated) platforms like GitHub or GitLab, then Sourcehut is kind of shocking, in a positive way. Pure HTML, no JavaScript, every feature (git repos, docs, build service, wiki ect.) is a widely independent micro-service with it's own subdomain.

I really liked it and decided to go with a paid account, right now is in alpha state and payment is optional. But alone the very nice build system and a fast loading page without tracking is more than worth it!

From now on, ~git/ redirects to, for better visibility, I decided to also mirror to, and

I don't want to force someone to follow a specific process or be limited to a single platform, if you like my projects and want to contribute, use whatever site and workflow you prefer to create an issue or pull/merge-request, or send me a good old Email :).

If I should create a list or tracker on and have a preferred process one day, I will add it to the README and/or CONTRIBUTE file in my projects.

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