First Contribution to the Uyuni Project aka SUSE Manager

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I'm using a lot of Open Source Software and always benefited from the work of the community. So whenever possible I try to contribute and give something back.

As mentioned in other Posts, I'm using SUSE Manager at work, the commercial Product of the Upstream Open Source Project Uyuni, which is a fork of Spacewalk that SUSE introduced 2018 (Archive: [1], [2]).

So I decided it's time to look for a good-first-issue and support the Uyuni Project as well. I'm still improving my Java Skills, so I thought some adjustments on the Setup Bash Script (Archive: [1], [2]) might be the right thing to start with.

The Task was to get the product name from a default config file and use this value instead the hardcoded occurrences of SUSE Manager for user visible output.

Today my pull request (Archive: [1], [2]) was accepted and merged in the Main branch :)

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