Apple AirPods on Linux?

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I was wondering if my Apple AirPods would work on openSUSE Linux out of the Box. Just enable pairing mode, click on connect and all fine? Not exactly, it failed with the default settings and some additional Steps were necessary.

  1. Set ControllerMode = dual in config File /etc/bluetooth/main.conf
sudo cp /usr/share/doc/packages/bluez/main.conf /etc/bluetooth/main.conf
sudo vim /etc/bluetooth/main.conf

# Restricts all controllers to the specified transport. Default value
# is "dual", i.e. both BR/EDR and LE enabled (when supported by the HW).
# Possible values: "dual", "bredr", "le"
ControllerMode = dual

sudo systemctl restart bluetooth

  1. Add Parameter --noplugin=avrcp at the end of ExecStart in bluetooth.service, otherwise the AirPods running with poor Sound Quality and very low volume
sudo systemctl edit --full bluetooth.service

ExecStart=/usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd --noplugin=avrcp

sudo systemctl restart bluetooth

After those few adjustments they actually working quite good as Headphone. The Microphone is not working yet, maybe i will take a look into that later.

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