SUSE Certified Administrator in SUSE Manager 4

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I passed the SUSE Exam sca_suma4 today and refreshed my SCA Systems Management / SUSE Manager 3 Certification to SUSE Manager 4. Was very interesting to validate existing knowledge and as always, even though I use SUSE Manager 4 regularly, there is always something new to learn!

Summary: Fundamental knowledge of SUSE Manager, including using the Web UI management console, implementing channel management, delegating management authority, managing minions using Salt and perform other day to day administrative tasks using SUSE Manager 4.

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  • Access and use the SUMA Web UI
  • Registration Process and perform System Registration using Web UI and bootstrap scripts
  • Activation Keys, Channels, System Groups, and Salt Keys
  • Cloning of Channel content
  • Implementation of Configuration Channels
  • Implementation of Content Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Creation of additional SUMA Organizations
  • Establishment of trust between SUMA Organizations
  • Administrative Roles and Permission Roles that can be created and assigned to manage SUMA resources
  • Creation of new Web UI administrative users
  • Salt architecture, grains, pillars, and states
  • Use of the salt, salt-run, salt-call, and salt-key commands
  • Execution of commands on remote client servers using the Web UI
  • Performance of management activities on multiple client servers at one time using the System Set Manager (SSM)
  • Action Chains
  • Installation of RPM packages on client servers

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