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I have nothing against receiving offers and talking about opportunities, but it's getting more difficult and time consuming to answer all requests.

Especially messages like "I have multiple job opportunities" or "if you are interested please share your resume" barely get my attention to be frank.

You are a Recruiter? Then this FAQ is for you to make things easier for both of us.

How should the first message from a recruiter look like?

A description of the position, the project or company, used technologies, salary range, remote work policy and contract type.

Are you interested changing your job?

I'm always open to talk about new opportunities and increase my network.

Would you relocate for a new job?

Probably not, I'm actually only interested to work remote.

Can you send me your CV / resume?

Nope, you already have all information you need, my personal website always contains the latest version of my Resume, which I keep in sync with my LinkedIn Profile.

Can I contact you if my offer does not include remote work?

Sure but most likely I'm not much interested if remote work isn't possible at all or at least most of the time.

Can I contact you if I can not provide any details about the offer?

Sure but in that case responding will probably not have the highest priority for me.

Do you hate recruiters?

No, everyone has a job, your's is it to fill positions with the right people. But you are not alone, there are lot out their, therefore I appreciate when you follow some basic "rules of engagement".

Inspired by Julio González (Archive: [1], [2])

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